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May’s Adventurous Ink, The Great North Road by Steve Silk, revisits the forgotten treasures of this ancient road at the stately pace of 14 miles an hour as Steve tries his best to follow the original route whilst cycling from London to Edinburgh.

In 1921, Britain’s most illustrious highway, the Great North Road, ceased to exist – on paper at least. A hundred years later, journalist and cyclist Steve Silk embraced the anniversary as the perfect excuse to set off on an adventure across 11 days and 400 miles.

Seen from a saddle rather than a car seat, the towns, the countryside, and coaching inns of England and Scotland reveal traces of Britain’s remarkable past and glimpses of its future.

Enriched with history, humour and insight, it’s a tribute to the endless appeal of the open road and the value in taking the slow way.

 "Steve proves that any journey is an adventure if you know where to look.” Alastair Humphreys


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