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Slow Ink - every other month

All the meaning and connection of Adventurous Ink, with half the reading, every other issue - a highly manageable 6 books a year. Best of all, if you want a book your schedule skips, simply add it to your next order. Click 'More details' to discover this month's book.

November's Adventurous Ink is Into the Tangled Bank, by Lev Parikian. 


Lev takes us to some of the wildest reaches of the British Isles, but first, he entreats us to forego the allure of eagles, otters, and dolphins for a moment. Instead, he starts closer to home, getting to know the humble house spider in his joyful writing that brings the natural world wonderfully to life.

"If, like me, you've got more "into nature" in the last few months, but 
sometimes feel a bit excluded by nature writing, then this book will 
make you feel included and welcomed" Tracey Thorn

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