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Published between the ‘unequivocal’ IPCC report and the crucial COP26 Climate Summit, Do Earth shares the story and wisdom of pioneering eco-activist Tamsin Ormond.

After spending 10 years on the frontlines of climate activism, Tamsin reflected that activists alone will not be enough to deliver the change our species needs to survive. This challenge needs everyone; as Tamsin notes

“To heal we don’t just need to fight, we need to become enchanted with the earth again”

Enchantment with the earth is a common sensation for us outdoor folk. Harnessing this connection to build a more hopeful future is perhaps the most meaningful thing we can do with our lives right now.

“Passionate, engaging, visionary but eminently practical, this is a powerful guide to becoming active in the urgent task of healing both the earth and ourselves.” Caroline Lucas MP



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