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Adventurous Ink 12 month subscription

£150.00 £137.50

The subscription

This subscription will deliver 12 issues, one each month, paid in advance.

For further details of the latest issue, see the 2 Month subscription.

Recurring or one-off payment?

If you're subscribing for yourself, choose the recurring option. When your next renewal is due in 12 months time, you'll get an email asking if you want to carry on, pause or cancel.

If you're buying as a gift, choose the one-off payment option and read the FAQ's below which should cover all your questions

Gift FAQs

When will my first issue arrive?

New orders are shipped in batches on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and arrive in 2-4 days.

If you need it urgently, drop us an email. We can usually make a next day delivery happen.

Which postal address should I use?

Use your own address for shipping if you want the first issue to come to you. You can swap to the recipient's shipping address for future deliveries.

Use the recipient's address for shipping if you want every issue to go direct to them. We can include a explanatory note, just drop us an email.

Which email address should I use?

Use your own email address, or the recipient will get emails confirming your order the moment you place it, and when it's shipped.

You can change this to the recipient's email once they have received the first issue.

Can I buy a gift now to start next month?

Yes, just drop us an email immediately after your order and we will start it whenever you want.

How can I make changes to postal and email addresses?

You will recieve an email from us with a link to your customer portal shortly after ordering. This allows you to manage the subscription and change email and postal addresses yourself.

We're always happy to make any changes for you, just drop us an email.

Why is it £137.50 for a full year?

Because you are buying a full year at once, we've included one month for free as a thank you, no need for codes and available for one-off payments as well as recurring subscriptions.