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Go Beyond Adventure, with an extra book every other month shipped alongside one of your regular Adventurous Ink subscription books. Ideal for avid readers delving deeper into their outdoor life.

Nature is most abundant when people are removed from the scene, as Cal Flyn demonstrates in this verdant tour of the globe exploring how growth rebounds when the natural world is left to it’s own devices.

As she examines places like Chernobyl, which has become a wildlife haven, and events like the Orbis Spike, where human activity is thought to have reduced global temperatures causing the Mini Ice Age in the 18th Century, Cal uncovers untold stories of the slow and steady systems that sustain all life.

Islands of Abandonment is essentially a source of hope. Hope that, despite everything we have done to disrupt global ecosystems, Mother Nature’s is busy working to rebalance out of kilter systems when we are not looking. Because we are not looking.

“A unique and necessary take on our planetary crisis… shot through with hope”
Adam Weymouth, Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year

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