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Slow Ink - every other month

All the meaning and connection of Adventurous Ink, with half the reading, every other issue - a highly manageable 6 books a year. Best of all, if you want a book your schedule skips, simply add it to your next order. Click 'More details' to discover this month's book.

December's Adventurous Ink, The Moth and the Mountain, is a tale of adventure unlike any you have read before.



Ed Caesar brings the story of forgotten war hero, adventurer and eccentric Maurice Wilson wonderfully to life in this extraordinary tale of his attempt to claim the first ascent of Everest. By crashing a biplane on the upper slopes and climbing to the top!


The Moth and the Mountain is a captivating reflection of its time, set between the wars in the 1930s, and Wilson's flawed but amiable genius. 


Ultimately, this is a story about the power of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Most wonderfully, despite Caesar's extensive research, the book still maintains a veil of mystery around the one remaining secret that Maurice took with him to his grave.


"The remarkable book is a beautifully crafted page-turner... You'll be gripped to the very last sentence." Matthew d'Ancona

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