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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully these frequently asked questions will help if you have any queries, if you still need help then please get in touch at

General subscription

Most of our subscribers start out with Adventurous Ink and receive one book per month.

If you're a deep reader, then Deep Ink is the subscription for you, as it adds a deeper read every other month. You can swap to this from any other subscription at any time.

If you are a light reader, or read a lot of other books, you may be best with Slow Ink as this sends every other book from Adventurous Ink, just 6 per year.

Renewals go through automatically on the 2nd of the month.

On a 2 month subscription, you renewal goes through every other month.

On an annual membership, your renewal will be due one year after you first sign up, again on the 2nd of the month.

You will always get an email notifying you when a payment is due.

This email also allows you to skip a couple of months, swap to a different delivery address, a different subscription or payment method. Or to cancel.  

New orders are shipped on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Orders for existing subscribers are shipped around the 3rd or 4th of the month and arrive around the 10th.  

No, that's part of the adventure!  

But you can see some of the books we have featured in the past in our back issue store. 

You will receive a cardboard envelope, containing this month's Ink, plus a handwritten letter with the story behind this month's selection. 

This is not a regular 'box scheme'. It is not a clever way of selling you stuff you don't need and wouldn't have bought. 

It's a simple way to inspire a life of adventures in harmony with the natural world.

Yes. We've never had an issue yet that hasn't fitted through a regular sized letterbox. So no annoying trips to the post office.

If you've subscribed, but we send a book you already have, just let us know and we'll refund that month and you can keep the book to pass on to someone else!

Yes, of course, you are free to cancel at any time. 

If you have paid for future months when you cancel, we'll still send these out to you. You get what you paid for, simple as that.  

No problem. Get in touch asap and we'll refund you for any orders which have yet to ship and cancel future payments and shipments.  

You can update your shipping address anytime online, using the link in your first order confirmation. 

Or just let us know and we will update it for you.  

The first email you get from us confirming your subscription has a link to your profile where you can manage your subscription. 

Each renewal email also has a link to manage your subscription. 

These links are best viewed on your desktop, or by rotating your phone to horizonal.  

Yes, we accept PayPal along with credit & debit cards.

Many of our subscribers use PayPal as it provides an extra level of control.  

Yes, our No Worries Guarantee means you can purchase in
complete confidence that we'll sort you out, whatever goes wrong. 

If an issue gets lost in the post, we'll send a replacement. 

If you already have an issue, we'll send a refund. 

If a payment was taken when you meant to cancel, we'll send a refund. 

Whatever the problem, we'll see you right.  

Yes, we accept Apple Pay along with credit & debit cards.

You need to checkout on an iPhone, or Mac.

Apple Pay is unavailable in some countries.

Yes, we ship to Europe, Canada and the United States.

Add your address at checkout to calculate the shipping cost.

Gift FAQs

Simply add your message in the notes box during checkout. We will include a handwritten card with your order.



Just reply to your order confirmation if you want to delay the start.

Use your own address for shipping if you want the first issue to come to you. You can swap to the recipient's shipping address for future deliveries. 


Use the recipient's address for shipping if you want every issue to go direct to them.

Use your own email address, or the recipient will get emails confirming your order the moment you place it, and when it's shipped. 


You can change this to the recipient's email once they have received the first issue.   

You will recieve an email from us with a link to your customer portal shortly after ordering. This allows you to manage the subscription and change email and postal addresses yourself. 


We're always happy to make any changes for you, just drop us an email.  

When you buy a gift subscription it will not automatically take another payment.

However, the same system which handles repeat payments also splits one-off payments into monthly deliveries, and this generates a product reference which mentions 'auto-renew'.

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