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The Book Club for Outdoor Folk

Inspire Adventure, Reconnect with Nature

Life is too short not to fill it with adventure.

Our unique subscription will inspire more memorable experiences and help you reconnect with the natural world whilst you're out there.

Each month you'll receive a new book or journal featuring writers, photographers and illustrators who really 'get' the great outdoors.

Carefully Curated

Every issue comes with a handwritten letter from our founder Tim, sharing the story behind its selection.

Each month is chosen with care.  No twee Country Living chic. No old fashioned, nature conquering macho adventuring. Just great publications packed with outstanding writing, photography and illustration.

Many of our subscribers love it so much they have been with us since the start, here's what they have to say...

"When I can’t be outdoors I can pick up a book and transport myself somewhere else." John H, Wales

"Thank you so much for the time, thought and effort you've put in to deliver treasure through my letterbox every month this past year." Lucy C, London

Inspiring Adventures Since 2017

Our community of inspired adventurers has been growing since 2017.

Each month they enjoy a proper read about the great outdoors and share their thoughts in our Facebook group.

We painstakingly preserve the sense of anticipation, so each month's Ink remains a mystery until it arrives.

They love it...

"I was over the moon when I opened this month's!" Ewan C, Newcastle

"It's a constant source of inspiration and escapism." Hollie H, Wales

As Featured In

Kind Words from Awesome People

It's not just our subscribers who love Advenurous Ink, some of our favourite explorers and presenters think it's pretty cool too...

Anna McNuff

"This is brilliant! It's like Christmas every month."

Anna McNuff, Barefoot runner and Girl Guiding Ambassador

Alastair Humphreys

"This is just the sort of thing I love. Everything useful I have ever learnt has either come from a book, or by having a tough time outdoors!"

Alastair Humphreys, Round the world cyclist and creator of the microadventure.

Lauren Laverne

"I love the idea of this book club, you had me at a man in a canoe! (She means our April 2018 issue 'Pull of the River')

Lauren Laverne, It's Business Time feature, BBC 6 Music

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September's Ink

'The Foragers Calendar' provides the perfect way to reconnect with one of the natural world’s most essential roles: foraging for wild food.

Seasoned naturalist and writer, John Wright, neatly categorises everything edible, month by month, revealing one of Mother Nature’s greatest mysteries to us modern folk.

"Marvel after marvel comes to light as you turn the pages... a treasure." Sunday Times

Journal Entries

The foraging photography fiasco

The foraging photography fiasco

Right now, I just needed to get some decent shots in the bag, and head home before my eldest returned from his first day at school.

So little Squidge and I tramped our way through the brambles and pine needles on the hunt for interesting looking mushrooms with a good backdrop...

What could go wrong?!

That sense of loss? Its your superpower

That sense of loss? Its your superpower

In lockdown, we had a glimpse of our own mortality. Not just the fear that shrouded every hang out and door handle, but in the things that we love and hold dear which were whisked away from us in a moment.

We can take this insight and use it to move forwards suggests our founder and curator.

10 ways nature can help you stay healthy and happy during lockdown

10 ways nature can help you stay healthy and happy during lockdown

The pandemic provides an opportunity to hear Mother Nature’s voice as she reminds us “I am everywhere. We are all connected.” This is a great time to connect to the nature you never normally notice.
We need to stop treating the natural world as a weekend retreat. Nature is everywhere, we just need to be better at tapping its benefits.

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