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About Us

Adventurous Ink is curated by our founder Tim Frenneaux.




His first outdoorsy start-up launched in 2015, shortly after turning Fourty and losing his Dad, when Tim got scared he hadn't lived the life 'packed into panniers' he dreamt of as a kid.

Instead of just going for a few more walks, Tim decided to start an outdoor business in his spare time.

Fast forward to 2019 and he realised that Adventurous Ink, a side project of his initial start-up, brought the most joy.

This book club thing really seemed to mean something to subscribers.

During 2020 lockdown, Tim quit his dayjob and went all in on the Ink.

By the start of 2021 the club were getting out of print books especially re-pressed, whilst the (free) monthly conversations were selling out.

Our Ambition

Be More Good - not just less bad, provide benefit to people and planet.

Our Progress

We stopped selling ‘stuff’ to focus on inspiring adventures

Our bulk orders are packed and shipped by people living with disabilities.

We donate 1% of our profits to tree planting to offset our emissions.

I might not be doing a lot, but I do it with a lot of love.

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