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About Us

Adventurous Ink is curated by our founder Tim Frenneaux.



His first start-up launched in 2015 shortly after Tim turned forty, lost his Dad, and realised with a shock that he wasn't living the adventurous life packed into panniers he dreamt of as a kid.


Instead of just going for a few more walks, Tim went part time in the dayjob to start his first outdoor brand 'Gather Outdoors'.

2019 brought the realisation that it was actually Adventurous Ink, a side-project of this side-project, that brought the most joy. This was the one thing he needed to do well.

The refocus worked. Folk seemed to like it.

So much so that in 2020, at the start of lockdown, Tim handed in his notice and went all-in on the Ink.

By 2021 he was commissioning book re-prints especially for subscribers, whilst the club's (free) monthly author conversations were selling out.

This book club really meant something!

Our Vision

To take inspiration from the Great Wide Open to bring meaning and connection to our community.

Our Ambition

To play our part in The Great Reconnect by providing real benefit to people and planet.

Our Progress

We have helped thousands of folk live meaningful connected lives.

96% of our community said they benefit from being members in our 2020/21 Impact Survey. Ninety six!

We stopped selling ‘stuff’ to focus on inspiring adventures.

Our bulk orders are packed and shipped by people living with disabilities.

And, we fund native tree planting in Nidderdale to offset our modest emissions and create high quality biodiverse landscapes.

As Tim says...

"I might not be doing a lot, but I do it with a lot of love."

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