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About Me

This page could easily have been titled ‘About Me’, as Adventurous Ink is run almost single-handedly by Tim Frenneaux, the Ink’s founder and curator.

However, the first skill every startup founder develops is the ability to talk in the third person, effortlessly switching ‘I/me’ for ‘us/we’.

But as you’ll soon discover if you sign up for our emails or subscribe to our books, we don’t belong to the Bland New World of faceless identikit startups. No fashionable one-word brand-names or muted colour palettes for us! We’d much rather have an actual opinion about things and engage on a personal, sometimes even emotional, level.

Launching the business was a key stage in Tim's own process of re-connecting to the great outdoors following the death of his father, as he sought to rekindle a love that they had both shared.

About Us

There is an actual ‘Us’ in the Ink: it's you guys! You can’t be a book club without club members...

But you don’t need to subscribe to our books to subscribe to our way of life. If this sounds like your kind of community, get involved by signing up for our emails. After reading this page, it’s your best way to get to know us and get involved. Everyone is welcome.

Pivoting Towards Purpose

Adventurous Ink is the culmination of Tim’s five-year search for a business with real meaning. One that could provide actual benefits not just turn a profit, and was in keeping with our philosophical approach.

Which is why probably the most important stage of our journey was when we stopped selling ‘stuff’, and started trading in inspiration.

Benefits All Round

We believe that businesses should provide benefits to customers, producers and society along with respecting the planets natural resource boundaries.

It turns out there’s a name for this: Donut Economics. We are what Donutists (Donutters?) would call a regenerative and redistributive business, though we only discovered the theory after we’d started putting it into practice.

This is why our bulk orders are packed and shipped by people living with disabilities.

It's why we donate 1% of our profits to tree planting.

And why everything we do is driven by helping you enjoy and appreciate the great outdoors more.

There is a better way. Change starts here. It starts with you (and us). 

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not.”
Dr Seuss (The Lorax)