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2 months of Adventurous Ink
2 months of Adventurous Ink
2 months of Adventurous Ink
2 months of Adventurous Ink

2 months of Adventurous Ink

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April's award winning, The Lost Rainforests of Britain, is the extraordinary tale of Guy Shrubsole's quest to find Britain’s lost rainforests – and bring them back. 
From the bestselling author of Who Owns England?, this is a mesmerising chronicle of our forgotten rainforests - and an inspiring intervention to help restore them to the places they once were.
Shurbsole lovingly narrates the story of a vanishingly rare habitat that has been so ravaged, most people today don't realise it exists. Temperate rainforest may once have covered up to one-fifth of Britain and played host to a dazzling variety of luminous life-forms, inspiring Celtic druids, Welsh wizards, Romantic poets, and Arthur Conan Doyle's most loved creations.
Taking the reader on an awe-inspiring journey through the Atlantic oakwoods and hazelwoods of the Western Highlands and the Lake District, down to the rainforests of Wales, Devon and Cornwall, Guy maps these under-recognised ecosystems in exquisite detail - but underlines that without immediate political and public support, we risk losing them from the landscape, and perhaps our collective memory, forever.

‘A treasure chest full of woodland jewels, rare, precious and beautiful’ Chris Packham


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