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Go Beyond Adventure, with an extra book every other month shipped alongside one of your regular Adventurous Ink subscription books. Ideal for avid readers delving deeper into their outdoor life.

Shut up. Listen. Know something. Care. It turns out these guiding principles for being a good doctor are equally applicable to life on the road.

Signs of Life tells the story of Stephen Fabes, who put his career as a junior doctor on hold to cycle round the world.

Stephen's journey started out as the typical struggle with an overloaded bike and underused legs, but took a deeper turn when the discovery of a dead monk's frozen body led his medically trained eye to closely observe the human condition.

Finding himself drawn to healthcare and people on the fringes of society, Stephen uses his journey to ponder the plight of those of us forced relying upon the help and care of others.

The acts of kindness and community he encounters prove the truth of Khao San Road's slippery catchphrase, we are all "the same but different".

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