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A richly coherant story of our place in the world

A richly coherant story of our place in the world

Our founder and curator on the startlingly coherant worldview contained in our latest deep read.


When I set out to sum up all the books we read during our first full year, in Future Horizons Past, it pretty quickly became apparent that the things we'd learnt fitted neatly into 3 sections:

  • Wellbeing, 
  • Meaning and, 
  • Connection

These themes have continued in all the books we've shared since; the importance of reconnecting with ourselves and nature in the great outdoors is writ large across every title we've featured.



So when I heard that the latest book from Jeremy Lent, one of the greatest and most important thinkers of our age, was called The Web of Meaning I knew it would be perfect as our deep read in November and December.


Ever since starting this subscription with Nick Hayes game-changing The Book of Trespass, I have sought out books that go above and beyond in helping us understand our place in the world. Books that help us grasp the greatest questions, like 'why are things this way' and 'why are we here'? 


In Web of Meaning, Jeremy articulates a startlingly comprehensive worldview that synthesises ancient indigenous wisdom, like Braiding Sweetgrass, with modern scientific research. In doing so, he breathes life into the Great Reconnect, pulling society back from the disconnect which has separated us from ourselves, each other and the natural world.



For all the world's challenges right now, it is a thrilling time to be alive as we realise that despite our recent infatuation with false and destructive idols, there really is a different way of being, a better way. One with the promise of a thriving and flourishing humanity. 


The world would be a better place if everyone were to read this book.


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Do join us live in conversation with Jeremy on Thursday 8th December - 5.30pm

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