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Flourish - Antonia Case - Nov/Dec 23
Flourish - Antonia Case - Nov/Dec 23

Flourish - Antonia Case - Nov/Dec 23

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Our deep read for November and December takes us on a journey around the world with author Antonia Case as she searches for meaning as asks what it means to truly flourish.

Picking up where our last deep read, Reconnection, leaves off, we journey inward not as an retreat from the world, but because we know that the flourishing of the natural world is intricately linked to the flourishing of ourselves.

Flourish is the memoir of co-founder of New Philosopher and Womankind magazines, Antonia Case, as she quits her corporate job in the city and travels across the world in search of meaning.

In a quest to find answers, she turns off the soundtrack of the media, rids herself of technology, and with little more than books as carry-on luggage, she journeys from Buenos Aires to Paris, from Barcelona to Byron Bay, seeking guidance from ancient philosophers and modern-day psychologists on what is a good life, and what is a life worth living.

Along the way she discovers why winning the lottery doesn't make you happy, why making is better than having, and how love and belonging are vital to our sense of selves.

Packed with insight into life's big questions, Flourish takes us on a riveting journey in search of what matters most.

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