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Three Stripes South - Bex Band - October 2021

Do Earth shares the story and wisdom of pioneering eco-activist Tamsin Ormond. After spending 10 years on the frontlines of climate activism, Tamsin concluded that activists alone will not be enough to deliver the change our species needs to survive. This challenge needs everyone, particularly those of us already enchanted by the natural world. As they reflect: “To heal we don’t just need to fight, we need to become enchanted with the earth again”

All journeys are a transition from one place to another. Three Stripes South is the inspirational story of a transition from one life to another.

Cocooned in the meditative act of walking 1000 miles in a single direction, south along the Isreal National Trail, Bex Band transformed not only herself but the entire outdoor movement. Her walk with husband Gil created space to reflect and imagine a better future, giving birth to the UK's largest community of female adventurers, 'Love Her Wild', in the process.

"In the desert, I could feel old wounds being healed"

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