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Adam Weymouth - Kings of the Yukon - August 2021

Adam Weymouth - Kings of the Yukon - August 2021

Our conversation with Adam Weymouth, author of August's Ink 'Kings of the Yukon' ran way over time, but it was so good how could we call an early end?

What a fascinating perspective he brings to bear. A worthy successor to babyface Macfarlane (watch the video!), Zadie Smith and the daunting roll call of authors who have previously won the Times Young Writer of the Year Award.

We dined out on this "book about fish" so many different ways, a fitting tribute to Adam's fabulous writing, itself paying homage to such great writers as the Pulitzer Prize winning John McFee.

During our discussion we discovered how Adam's education in Human Ecology led him to drift away from writing into climate activism, and what brought him back again, in a conversation which encompassed:

  • How legal trials, his own and of indigenous natives led to the writing of the book.
  • His insight that great adventure writers pick a topic or theme as a vehicle to explore wider topics.
  • How spending a year walking to Istanbul proved transformational.
  • Adam's belief that we’re not telling stories about climate change in a way that gets across the gravity of the situation.
  • The importance of social connections, especially when arriving in some of the remotest, most exploited and rightfully mistrustful communities.
  • The short half-life of vivid impressions, and his fortune at having partner Uli travelling with him so he could make time for capturing scenes fresh from the day.
  • Why authors need to think about who they are serving, and not just take stories from people without giving anything back.

And of course we talked about the fish, the people, how it has all come to pass, and what gives us hope for the future.

A fascinating conversation to dip our paddles into, as our fellow conversationalists agreed:

Another brilliant chat, Tim … fascinating journey, fascinatingly explored thro Adam’s writing. Thanks so much - feastsandfables

Thank you, intelligent, balanced and thought provoking. Looking forward to the next tome! - Geraldine Morton-Haworth

Thanks very much brilliant talk. - Kasper Seward It’s been brilliant.

Thank you Adam and Tim - Dawn Bennett

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