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Adventure Revolution with Belinda Kirk - March 23

Adventure Revolution with Belinda Kirk - March 23

Some people need adventure more than others, but usually they are the ones with the least opportunity to experience it. This was the big takeaway from our conversation about Adventure Revolution with author Belinda Kirk, Tessa Woodrow of the Youth Adventure Trust and Prof Helen Dodd of Exeter University.

What an inspiring and enlightening conversation this was, rooted in a discussion about flourishing and how adventure can play a massive part in that.

We talked about:

how often people say they are at their 'most alive' when adventuring

positive psychology and how adventure helps us move 'north of neutral' and live our best lives

how modern life makes us anxious by removing uncertainty, and why adventure is an antidote for this

why diversity is so important in the outdoor community and how we need to get past putting a few heroic adventures, usually able bodied middle-aged white guys, up on a pedestal

how adventure and nature are healing experiences

And we managed all that without once mentioning Type Two Fun!

If you are interested in why adventure is more than just larking about out there, this is the conversation for you.

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