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Gail Muller - Unlost - June 2022

Gail Muller - Unlost - June 2022

This was not a conversation about her exploits on the Appalachian Trail, or how Gail wrote Unlost; it was a heartfelt discussion about living life to the full whatever life throws at you.

"One of the best 'meet the authors' I've attended. Tears and laughter to the max."

Gail in conversation

And life has thrown a lot at Gail Muller, who turned out to be even more candid, hilarious and uplifting in person than she is in the book, but almost as sweary. What an incredible conversation this turned out to be.

"Thank you Gail, loved the book, best interview ever!"

From deeply touching yet troubling lows we powered up to the most amazing highs - an encouragement to live our lives to the full screamed from the mountaintop, hollered from the waterfall's edge and mumbled from a layby stocked with 'trail magic'.

"This is the woods, things come out."

We swore, we held our heads in our hands, we egged Gail on, we cried and laughed more than anyone has ever laughed on Zoom before. We shared something special that will be with us forever.

"Brilliant. I could listen to this all day. So funny, but ultimately, so honest, painful but rewarding. Love it."

Gail's trail mission was to become 'unlost', to find herself; she's now helping others do the same.

"My story is just a template of hope - a choose your own hope adventure"


In Gail's spirit of bringing her whole honest self to the fore, this video has been uploaded in it's entirety, including the 5 mins at the start where Tim panics about whether Gail will make it, checks his hair, tidies the backdrop, chats with new arrivals and reads from Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods (which turned out to be an inspiration for both Tim and Gail) and an explanation of why everyone is pitched right into the conversation, without having to dawdle in a waiting room.


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