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John Muir expert panel - My First Summer in the Sierra - July 2022

John Muir expert panel - My First Summer in the Sierra - July 2022

To celebrate our July feature of John Muir's earliest work, My First Summer in the Sierra, we hosted a live panel discussion about his life and legacy.

We learnt so much in this short conversation, benefitting from the perspectives of:

Harold Wood - Chair of the Sierra Club's John Muir Education Committee

Michelle Nijhuis - author and editor at The Atlantic, the newspaper Muir himself wrote for

Duncan Smeed - Founder of the John Muir Birthplace Trust

Jeffrey Bowman - author and outdoor industry brand genius

Our expert panel had so much to contribute they ended with a flurry of links to further reading in the chat, which are reproduced below.

And yes, do watch out, as we had our first Zoom bomber in two years of hosting these. Rather startlingly and loudly, we were joined by a guy on a rollercoaster part way through.

20:34:12 From Lizee Oliver : I definitely see parts of that admiration of the individual creature in burns' writing too!

20:59:38 From Charlotte Hinks : It seems very relevant that James Lovelock died recently - particularly in light of his thoughts that the earth is reaching the final 1% of it's life. So many years of insight into the connections across the ecosystem and yet we're possibly still reaching this critical point in our survival.

21:03:08 From Michelle Nijhuis : Re: Harold’s last comment, perhaps of interest to all

21:04:02 From Michelle Nijhuis : And Muir’s writings from The Atlantic (newly available online with a short introductory essay by yours truly)

21:04:25 From Harold Wood : Also see:

21:04:54 From Lizee Oliver : I love the idea of thinking about how Muir would be received now in comparison to conservation figureheads 21:05:41 From Michelle Nijhuis : A couple more: Don’t Cencel John Muir (by me)

21:06:14 From Harold Wood : More on:

21:06:15 From Michelle Nijhuis : And Gary Younge on the dangers of statues and icons:

21:06:57 From James Hallworth : Many many thanks to you all, very insightful and enjoyable!

21:06:58 From Lizee Oliver : Thank you so much!!

21:07:15 From Lizee Oliver : Next conversation on a rollercoaster?

21:07:16 From Jeremy Stevenson : thank you - an education - hope there is follow up

21:07:32 From trace - Oxfordshire : Thanks for a wonderful evening educational and enlightening. Lots more to read

21:08:27 From James Hallworth : Made me jump!

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