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Matt Whyman - Failure is an Option - December 2022

Matt Whyman - Failure is an Option - December 2022

Matt Whyman shares his highly relatable story of taking on the world's toughest mountain ultra-marathon The Dragon's Back as we discussed his awesome book Failure is an Option.

Spoiler alert! Reading on or watching will reveal the outcome...

As we heard, Matt had pitched the book whilst still training for the race, so even he didn't know how it would pan out as he stood on the start line with the end of the book still unknown.

It's testament to his great skill as a writer that despite not finishing, he was still able to share a remarkable story of how ordinary folk can set out to achieve the impossible "Process over outcome" was the mantra he shared on this.

Telling the story less told - of what it's like to compete mid-pack rather than triumph on the podium - is exactly why we chose this for December's feature, and why this was such a great conversation.

As we heard, Matt's experience absolutely was not a failure; it was all good learning.

If only more authors and adventurers could "park their ego", as Matt did, before sitting down to write.

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