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Moderate Becoming Good Later live with Katie Carr

Moderate Becoming Good Later live with Katie Carr

Our authors are not like the rest of us.

They are not always tucked up safe at home of a Thursday evening.

Sometimes we find them on the other side of the world, halfway up a mountain or, like Katie, on Ireland's Atlantic coast sea kayaking the Shannon Shipping Forecast area.

It was a joy to hear how she had finished brother Toby's story and how that felt like spending an extra year with him, immersed in his notes, photos and audio recordings from his adventure kayaking the Shipping Forecast.

This wasn't a one man and his kayak story, it was a story of the enduring human spirit, of connection and how that brings us meaning even in the toughest of times.

And of how we can all be 'dream-lifers', as Toby called it, no matter what our situation or circumstances.

Copies of Moderate Becoming Good Later are still available in our back issues.

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