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Nick Hayes - The Book of Trespass - April 2021

Nick Hayes - The Book of Trespass - April 2021

To celebrate the launch of our new Beyond Adventure subscription we caught up with author and illustrator Nick Hayes to delve deep into The Book of Trespass, his creative life and connection with the natural world.

"Really inspiring, thanks for such a fantastic discussion" Heather H

In the course of our conversation, which picked away at the orthodoxy in England which is harming the English, Nick enlightened and entertained us with insights such as "What is the power that the Duke still holds? Is it just fancy dress?"

He revealed how his illustrations have literally dissolved the walls of prisons, and illuminated us about the long forgotten conventions burnt into our national psyche.

We discussed the responsibilities that go with our desired rights to roam free, comparing the Scottish Outdoor Access Code with the laughable companion that is the English Countryside Code: a guide of little practical use in relation to activities like wild camping, an activity it pretends is not happening in deference to an outdated legal system.

Testament to his passion, Nick ends by reflecting his concern that "The danger of the book is it becomes fluff, fetishising adventure." Though of all the books we've read, this is the least likely to have you complacently putting your feet up!

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For more on the Scottish Access Code see

The useful BMC Wild Camping guide Nick refers to is here

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