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On Sacred Ground with these three wandering philosophers

On Sacred Ground with these three wandering philosophers

An incredibly rich conversation with three legendary wandering philosophers Chris Townsend, Alex Roddie and Andrew Terril author of our deep read for January & February 'On Sacred Ground'

We chewed the fat long into the night, and slightly over our allotted time, about:

  • the capacity of a reindeer's bladder and how to comprehend distance
  • how long it takes to lose yourself in the landscape (in a good way)
  • whether a single spare sock is a luxury item
  • how walking is really thinking
  • what journeys are really about
  • how Eric Newbym writing in 1958, was unable to express the emotions of a modern day travel writer, and
  • the importance of recognising the freedom and choice in our lives

A thoroughly heartwarming and inspiring evening that left us all wanting more time to chat and a longer stretch of our legs.

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