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Owls of the Eastern Ice live with Jonathan C Slaght

Owls of the Eastern Ice live with Jonathan C Slaght

A fascinating conversation not just for bird nerds and Russophiles with award-winning author Jonathan C Slaght about the incredible Owls of the Eastern Ice.

We gained new insights into this remote corner of Russia and the people, as well as the owls that live there, through the eyes of the westerner who knows the place best.

Amongst many magnificent stories, Jon explained just how Russian loggers are different to their American cousins, thanks to their close connection with the landscape.

He brought to life his own tales of adventure, along with stories from residents the like of which no passing adventurer would ever hear. And of course, we heard about the drinking culture, the social lubricant which locals used to express their fascination with Jon's team, and how the book actually played down it's prevelence.

A truly remarkable conversation, that left no doubt about how Jon arrived at his own personal philosophy of rolling with the changes and just dealing with it.

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