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Rebecca Lowe - The Slow Road to Tehran - July/August 2022

Rebecca Lowe - The Slow Road to Tehran - July/August 2022

A delightful tour through the Middle East in the company of Rebecca Lowe as we discussed July/August's deep read 'The Slow Road to Tehran'.

We talked of fleeting, transient moments of exquisite beauty and freedom, and how she never quite came to enjoy the hill climbs.

There were cultural insights, like the custom of Fal'e Hafez - consulting the work of Persian poet Hafez for guidance and the desperation of ordinary Iranians to connect with western travellers shown in the spectacular number of Couchsurfing hosts.

We met fearless female activists like Gzing and heard how the predominance of the patriarchy led Rebecca to be viewed as a sort of hybrid half man half woman.

And discovered her top tip for adventure cycling, a daily tipple secreted in a flask deep inside her panniers!

Just like Hafez, Rebecca displays a talent for seeing the divine in the everyday, it was a joy to view the world through her eyes.

'The Slow Road to Tehran' was featured in our Deep Ink subscription, which features each month's Adventurous Ink book, plus a deeper read every 2 months.

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