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Regeneration live with Andrew Painting and Molly Doubleday

Regeneration live with Andrew Painting and Molly Doubleday

In July we caught up with Andrew Painting, author of Regeneration our book for the month chosen by guest curator Molly Doubleday.

Providing a rare glimpse behind the scenes, this recording includes the informal 5 minutes before we got started, which feature a brief reading from Nan Shepherd's 'The Living Mountain', a book Andrew references in Regeneration.

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Reuniting Andrew and Molly for this conversation was an absolute joy, and allowed them both to expand on the Capercaille chat that they begin in the book, plus a whole lot more.

We uncovered surprising sci-fi literary references, plus;

- how you never switch off as an ecologist

- why Molly chose her simple life

- the importance of celebrating small wins

- the often unappreciate importance of culture in creating change

- the joys of investigating animal poo (scat chat)

And we delved deeper into Andrew's experience of working on Mar Lodge and discover what that can teach us about regenerating our entire planet - in summary, it's complex and complicated, just like people!

The main lesson, however, is a story of success and a powerful source of hope, just like this book and conversation.

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