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Robert Martineau - Waypoints/The Moth and the Mountain - December 21

Robert Martineau - Waypoints/The Moth and the Mountain - December 21

A two book special for December's conversation with Robert Martineau, entrepreneur, adventurer and author of Waypoints, November and December's deep read.

We discussed both Waypoints, and December's Ink, the spellbinding tale of forgotten adventure and eccentric Maurice Wilson.

Robert shared how inspired he was by Maurice's attempt to claim the first ascent of Everest by crashlanding a biplane on it's slopes and climbing to the summit. With the upcoming challenge of competing in the Spine Race challenge running the length of the Pennine Way, Maurice's incredible ambition and determination to overcome the most impossible odds and obstacles will help drive Robert through the toughest times.

Turning to his self made pilgrimage through West Africa, we heard how Robert read extensively about the region, before charting his path between holy sites and shrines.

Our discussion examined the importance of these waypoints themselves, as well as stretches in between which were where Robert seemed most inspired and immersed in the journey.

Robert's pilgrimage followed the footsteps of great outdoor philosophers such Muir, Solnit and even Nietzsche, though he shared how the act of walking brought their philosophies to life "Books are only books, right?"

A fitting and fascinating end to a great year of reading adventures.

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