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Stephen Fabes - Signs of Life - May/June 21

Stephen Fabes - Signs of Life - May/June 21

The second of our Beyond Adventure features is the story of Stephen Fabes, who gave up his career as an Emergency Room doctor to cycle round the world.

This fascinating conversation was easily more enjoyable than the England Scotland match that was happening at the same time, and was a good warm up for Stephen before he headed off to cover the night shift in A&E.

We covered almost as much ground as his journey, including:

  • How decisions made as a teenager can influence your entire life and that medical training changes your perspective forever.


  • The importance of listening to the voice calling you to leave their 'normal' life behind.


  • How announcing a grand ambition to your mates in the pub is a good way to commit.


  • Stephen's advice on roadside camping, which he feels is "like playing hide and seek against the world.


  • Why it's important not to overact in threatening situations.


  • Stephen's journey from Doctor, to traveller to writer, and his thoughts on how "travel writing is obsessed with otherness".

Our greatest take-away, the abiding lesson of his 6 year journey, is that we are all connected with more in common than in difference.

But don't let that put you off saddling up and spending several years discovering your own sage wisdom! Or starting a subscription and learning from the experiences of others.

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