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Meet Jo Moseley

Meet Jo Moseley

Jo Moseley is a 58 year old single Mum of two grown up sons, whose adventurous life began in earnest as she approached her 50th year and became determined to live a happy and healthy life packed with adventure.

She quickly gained confidence, along with quite a following for her inspirational approach, and in 2019 Jo became the first woman to paddleboard coast to coast across England. Not content with simply paddling each day, she accomplished this epic journey whilst picking up litter and fundraising for the surf therapy charity The Wave Project and for 2 Minute Beach Clean, for whom she is now an ambassador. 

Jo loves SUP, cold water swimming, hiking, staying in youth hostels and camping. Being outdoors has helped her navigate a difficult menopause, grief and empty nesting. She has a joyful “headstand a day until she’s 60” practice, often recording herself upside down by the side of a lake or on a beach which she shares on her social media.

Her own hugely popular book Stand Up Paddleboarding in Great Britain - Beautiful Places to Paddleboard in England, Scotland and Wales was published in 2022 by Vertebrate Publishing and is the first GB wide book dedicated to paddleboarding. She is now writing a book about paddling in the Lake District.

Jo's mantra is you’re never too old and it’s not too late for adventure, and is on a mission to encourage other midlife women to find joy and good health in the hills, lakes and sea.

She does a 2 Minute Litter Pick or Beach Clean everyday. As she says “I can’t change the world, but I can change the little bit around me.”

Find her on Instagram @jomoseley or

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