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A halo of glory during dark times

A halo of glory during dark times

Introducing our new art exhibition, Brocken Spectre, with a look at why we chose Black Friday for it's launch.


Mother Nature often reserves her most inspiring spectacles for the darkest of moments - the sudden break in the cloud pierced by shafts of sunlight, the spectacular sunrise after a night on a rainsoaked hillside, the morning’s plod through grey mists which resolves into a stunning cloud inversion.

Cloud inversion on Pen-Y-Fan

It is as if she is whispering an encouraging “You’ve earnt this.”

Perhaps the most awe inspiring of her wonders is the mythical Brocken Spectre: an ethereal being accompanying your endeavours, their head wreathed in a colourful halo of glory.

We hope to capture a little of this spirit via our new art exhibition.

 Brocken Spectre illustration

Every 3 months we will be asking artists to take inspiration from our books, then gathering them together to create Brocken Spectre - a quarterly exhibition of inspiring artworks.

We have always aimed to inspire new and better experiences by working with creatives to capture the essential magic of outdoor moments. Sharing a connection with the natural world is vitally important, even more so during this strange and uncertain year.

Our community has blossomed since we focussed exclusively on creating more moments of communal awe, as have our subscribers...

We’ve chosen the symbolic date of Black Friday to launch our latest bid to bring yet more light in.

As our founder and curator Tim would freely acknowledge, he's previously railed against this corporate sponsored consumer fest, in grumpily ineffective manner, branding it the antithesis of everything his business stood for. Or #antigather as he tagged his Instagram tirade.


But with time comes the understanding that being anti is not enough. Only by building positive solutions can we build a better world, which is what we are trying to do with Adventurous Ink.

We believe that a sense of worth and wellbeing is nurtured by memories and experiences, not goods and discounts.

We don’t believe anyone wins in this corporate sponsored race to the bottom.

We believe we should be more questioning and opt out of this self-consuming culture, setting our sights on a higher goal. We should #optoutside.

Brocken Spectre captured on Tryfan

Which is why we’re encouraging you to head outdoors this Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend, with a full set of prints from Brocken Spectre One up for grabs for the first person to capture a real life Brocken Spectre between 27th to 30th November. Simply email with a date stamped photograph to claim your prize.

We will introduce each artist individually in the run up to joining them all in conversation on the evening of Friday 27th November from 8pm.

Join us in the Zoom room

Join in via Facebook Live

Do join us to kick off this new regular feature on the Adventurous Ink calendar.




Picture credits:Cover image - Flickr user Mihai Lucit used under Creative CommonsCloud inversion - Anthony Pease PhotographyBrocken Spectre - Flickr user Andrew used under Creative Commons


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