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Hell yeah, it's Alastair Humphreys!

Hell yeah, it's Alastair Humphreys!

The July issue of Adventurous Ink is the book "My Midsummer Morning" by the inspirational Alastair Humphreys.


This excellent tale of how Alastair busked his way across Spain with nothing but a violin to sustain himself, is really a story about how he rediscovered his sense of adventure as family life pressed in.


You don't need to be a round the world cyclist or Atlantic rower to find inspiration in this brave account of what it truly means to be an 'Adventurer' with, or without, a capital A.

 Alastair kindly recorded this interview for us from his woodshed.

During his thoughtful address Alastair shares an insight into his "stealth philosophy", as one of our subscribers called it, on topics such as:
  • Why you should climb a tree in your lunchbreak.
  • How to make a living as an Adventurer. Or, how to make a living that affords adventures.
  • What he's learnt from jumping into things.
  • Why the outdoors is a great place to find yourself.
  • The mindset needed to master adventures and navigate daily life.
  • Why hunger is the best appetiser.
  • Observations on the best and worst of humankind.
  • The cumulative wisdom he's gained from reading books.
As he notes, your response should be either "Hell yeah!" or a straight "No."


We recommend you vote YEAH and watch his interview.


Then go climb a tree and sign up for his Living Adventurously series.



If you want to follow Alastair's footsteps and find yourself outdoors, a subscription to Adventurous Ink is a simple way to start.

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