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Fifty Words for Snow challenge - February 2022

Fifty Words for Snow challenge - February 2022
The most magical of elements, snow can transform our environment in the merest of moments and, in the careful hands of author Nancy Campbell, can connect us to places and cultures around the world.

As February is the UK's most snowsure month, Fifty Words for Snow should, hopefully, settle on your doorstep right alongside the white stuff.

To encourage everyone to make the most of snow's increasingly rare appearance, we're setting our community the challenge of sharing fifty words for snow on social media.

Whether you're a subscriber or not, choose your favourite word for snow (those in the book are listed below) and head out into the white stuff.

Take a picture, or better still film yourself describing your favourite word, and share it on social media with the tag #fiftywordsforsnow. Be sure to mention and/or tag @adventurousinkclub so we can share your contribution to inspire others. Do share this post too; everyone needs an excuse for a snow day!

Fifty Words for Snow - choose your favourite, or perhaps one from your own locale to share:

 1 Seanas Sami
2 Yuki-onna Japanese
3 Immiaq Greenlandic
4 Smoor Scots
5 Hima Thai
6 Kunstschnee German
7 Onaabani Giizis / Popogamic Giizis Ojibwemowin
8 Sheleg Hebrew
9 Sastrugi Russian
10 Hundslappadrifa Icelandic
11 Sheen Kashmiri
12 Cheotnum Korean
13 Penitentes Spanish
14 Circulputenis Latvian
15 Unatsi Cherokee
16 Theluji Swahili
17 Avalanche French
18 Tykky Finnish
19 Barfani chita Urdu
20 Snemand Danish
21 Mavro chioni Greek
22 Neviera Italian
23 Xue qiu Chinese
24 Snoangel Swedish
25 Gangs Tibetan
26 Calog scneachta Irish
27 Huka-rere Maori
28 Snowboarding American Sign Language
29 Kava Faroese
30 Kardelen Turkish
31 Omuzira Luganda
32 Fokksno Norweigan
33 Sneigas Lithuanian
34 Sire Tundra Nenets
35 Taccuqt Tamazight
36 Hima Sanskrit
37 Qasa Quechua
38 Barado Amharic
39 Ttutqiksribvik Inupiaq
40 Ais i pundaun olsem kapok Tok Pisin
41 Hagelslag Dutch
42 Eira Welsh
43 Itztlacoliuhqui Nahuatl
44 Pana Inuktitut
45 Jaatee Estonian
46 Sparrow batch Newfoundland English
47 Hau kea Hawaiian
48 Virgen de las Nieves Spanish
49 Zud Mongolian
50 Suncups English


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