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The Story of Unlost

The Story of Unlost

Most of us will never experience a lifetime of chronic pain, learning first-hand how it can pare back a life to a shell of its potential—degrading body and soul until there is nothing left. No way forward but to end it all.


This was the unhappy conclusion Gail Muller reached about her prospects in her incredible story which unfolds in Unlost, June's Adventurous Ink.



But that was just the beginning, a new start. Gail goes on to hike the 2000 mile Appalachian Trail, falling in step with fellow thru-hikers as she finds forgiveness.

"I wasn't fixed, mended and repaired. I wasn't born again freshly with no scars or gifted a winners medal. I was simply forgiven. By the forests, the people, and by the trail that had absorbed my tears of joy and sorrow."

Even the idea that she needed forgiveness might strike some as strange, but this is what we learn from writers like Gail, we all see the world differently. We all have our burdens to bear, or as she remarks about fellow hikers, "many of their packs were as full as my own."


Wilderness experiences and the books written about them are more than just adventures. They are pathways to knowledge for the writer and, magically, the reader too. We don't have to contend with the pain, discomfort and danger of trekking through remote reaches. We can get into the meaning and connection the author discovers wherever we are, simply by dipping into the pages of a great read.


Whatever you're looking for, you're sure to find it out there.


Or pressed tightly between the covers of a good book.


Do join us to hear more of Gail's powerful and uplifting story, on the evening of Sunday 20th June.


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