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2 months of Adventurous Ink


July's Ink is fast becoming the book of the moment, and it's easy to see why. This is Dara McAnulty's first book, but we doubt it will be his last. Such a prodigious opener is surely the sign of good things yet to come.

This vibrant book helps us all reconnect, via Dara's palpable a sense of wonder and deep affinity with the natural world.

'Diary of a Naturalist' chronicles a year in his life as he deals with the stress of moving home and school, by immersing himself in the natural world. A tough time for anyone, but even more so for the autistic Dara who thrives on familiarity and routine. .

I hold each memory close. These are the things that will lighten the bad days.

Incredibly, for such a young author, Dara's writing vividly illustrates the intense connection he shares with the natural world, revealing it's essential nature for the rest of us.

It is these, tiniest of noticings that bind us together.

The Diary captures a young man neatly skewering the inherent contradictions in the the world.

Nature and us. At odds. At one.

This feels an important book. Dara is a fresh and compelling voice. A point the esteemed nature writer Robert Macfarlane acknowledges, whilst presenter Chris Packham hails the Diary as:

"Really, really, really special."

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