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January’s Ink transports us to a wilder place, an rare experience as lockdown curtails our movement and compromises our connection with the wildest nature.

In ‘The Last Wilderness’ Neal Ansell embarks on a series of solitary expeditions through the Northwest Highland’s Rough Bounds, one of the United Kingdom’s last great wildernesses.


This is a tale of discovery and rediscovery, of appreciation and acceptance. Having adventured across the globe, Neal sets out to reacquaint himself with a place that captivated him at an early age, over a series of five visits throughout the course of one year.

A highly contemplative read, The Last Wilderness is a reflection on these lone journeys into the wild, where he is more likely to encounter an otter, or literally trip over a badger, as to meet another human.

Neal's book is a unique and generous gift, which sees our own connection grow whilst his diminishes as hearing loss slowly silences the calls of the birds that connect him to the natural world.

It prompts gratitude for what we have, and rumination on how we would feel were it to slip from our grasp forever.

“Tingles with the sensation of being out on the hill in all weathers” Philip Marsden


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