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A simple way to inspire adventure and reconnect with the natural world. Each month we'll deliver a mystery book or journal, from the leading adventure, travel and nature writers. Our most popupular and flexible option, this subscription will renew every 2 months.

May's Ink, I Belong Here, is the brave and brilliant story of Anita Sethi's journey along the Pennine backbone of Britain. She sets out to discover what it means to belong somewhere, having been racially abused and told to “Go back home”. Anita is from Manchester…

Her keen observations and excitement for the experience are conveyed with an infectious enthusiasm, which masks an anxious and wary vulnerability resulting from of past abuse. Anita starts out by picking up the Pennine Way in Malhamdale, but soon heads off on a path of her own making, following her gut as much as her map.

Her journey transforms what began as an ugly experience of hate into a positive vision of hope, as time and again her trust is repaid with kindness and community spirit.

“Anita opens our eyes to the beauty of our countryside and the hurt and healing found therein” Patrick Barkham, author of Wild Child.


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