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A simple way to inspire adventure and reconnect with the natural world. Each month we handpick a book or journal from the leading adventure, travel and nature writers. Our cheapest option, this subscription will renew every 12 months. Click 'More details' to discover this month's book.

July sees the welcome return to the Ink of journals, in the form of Sidetracked Issue 21

The Sidetracked team have collected the best stories of adventure in our time: groundbreaking journeys, pioneering ascents, endurance in the face of escalating challenges, and moments of quiet beauty in nature.

Featured stories include:

A life changing expedition for  Tamara Lunger and Simone Moro, who touch the very limits of human endurance while attempting the first winter crossing of two 8,000m Himalayan peaks

‘Monarca’ recounts Benjamin Jordan's tale as he pushes through adversity and draws strength from the monarch butterflies whose migration inspired his flight across America.

Mónica Fuentes and Alberto Ojembarrena dig deep and trust in each other’s capabilities when trekking through a seldom-hiked region of Iceland.

Then there is the friendship between Chef Hilven and Terence Ver Angsioco, forged over beach cuisine and Instagram Live broadcasts from Coron Island. Other partnerships are more abstract but no less real. In

"An exploration of what it means to survive, and to accomplish things greater than ourselves."



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