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Adventure Revolution - Belinda Kirk - Mar 2023
Adventure Revolution - Belinda Kirk - Mar 2023

Adventure Revolution - Belinda Kirk - Mar 2023

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Adventure Revolution investigates the transformational power of adventure and explores why being more adventurous is essential to our well-being.

For the past twenty-five years, author Belinda Kirk’s professional life has revolved around adventure. She’s seen it change people first hand: turning the timid into the confident, the addicted into the recovering, and the lost into the intentionally wandering

From managing anxiety and overcoming fear to finding self-worth and building interpersonal connections to being happier, healthier, and more playful, Adventure Revolution draws lessons from more than two decades of experience leading groups into the wilderness around the globe.

Illuminated with Belinda’s personal narrative, her own research with modern hunter-gatherers, and the latest findings in neuroscience and behaviour, Adventure Revolution presents a compelling case for ditching the living room in favour of a longer, happier, and more adventurous life.

"A testament to the spirit of exploration that resides in all of us. Reading this will make you want to go on an adventure." Levison Wood

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