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Solo - What running across mountains taught me about life - Introductory Offer
Solo - What running across mountains taught me about life - Introductory Offer

Solo - What running across mountains taught me about life - Introductory Offer

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Solo chronicles renowned endurance athlete Jenny Tough's adventures running solo and unsupported across the world's most inhospitable mountain ranges.

"Jenny shows us all that the journey to self-belief comes with just as many ups and downs as the mountains she traverses and that, with a little trust in ourselves (and a few good cups of coffee) the next seemingly insurmountable pass is never beyond our reach."

Anna McNuff, adventurer and enthusiast

Beyond her incredible adventures, Solo also shares the more personal story of Jenny's quest to deal with feelings and emotions that were holding her back.

Like runners at any level, she knew already that running made her feel better. Yearning for the empowerment of shaping her own destiny she decided on the audacious goal of running across six continents of mountains, all on her own, starting with one of the most remote locations on Earth in Kyrgystan.

Solo chronicles every step of her journey across the Tien Shaw (Asia), the High Atlas (Africa), the Cordillera Oriental (South America), the Southern Alps (Oceania), the Canadian Rockies (North America) and the Transylvanian Alps (Europe), as Jenny learns lessons in self-esteem, resilience, bravery and so much more.

Invigorating, encouraging, joyful and, above all, a call to find strength, confidence and self-belief in everything we do.

"This book will broaden the horizons of all who venture between its covers. "

Emily Chappel, auithor and adventurer

To help Jo introduce more people to this remarkable story, we've given her a bundle to give away to her community.

And we're paying her every time you get a copy; how great is that?!

The Small Print!

By accepting an introductory copy of Solo, you will start a subscription to help you reconnect with yourself and nature in the company of the world's best travel/nature/adventure writers.

This is a no-obligation offer; you are free to cancel, skip, swap subscriptions or pause at any time, via your customer portal or by responding to our email notifications (make sure these don't land in your spam folder).

You'll hear more about our next book in a couple of months; for now though, simply lose yourself in Jenny's adventures and perhaps rediscover something in her insights.

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