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Claire Nelson - Things I Learned from Falling - June 2021

Claire Nelson - Things I Learned from Falling - June 2021

Live in conversation with the incredible Claire Nelson, author of June's Ink the uplifting and brave 'Things I Learned from Falling': the story of her near death experience whilst hiking, and the profound reflections on life that it provoked as she prepared to meet her maker.

Subscribers raced through Claire's book this month, many reading it in one sitting "I've not done that since Harry Potter" said Bex.

Victoria called it "The best book I've read in a long time", so it's no surprise that one of our best ever books was complemented with an incredibly powerful conversation.


At it's most moving when Claire discusses how she found peace with the prospect of dying in the desert, our conversation covered the before, during and after with a host of questions coming from the subscriber community themselves.

We delved into:

- how Claire had suffered with imposter syndrome and anxiety during her career as a food and travel writer

- her instinctive understanding that the place she would find solace was the great outdoors, including the great line "When you know things aren't right, it's worth paying attention to the times when they do feel right"

- how in her writing, Claire wants the reader to feel they are there with her

- vivid memories and recollections of the moment of the fall and how she began to understand it's seriousness in a series of stages

- Claire's profound reflections on her life and the realisation that she had been afraid of all the wrong things, holding her back and hiding her true self

- the irony of regretting wasting so much time pissing about on her phone when this provided so much comfort and use in the initial days

- how it felt to watch her video diaries of the event afterwards, and to have them leak onto the internet

- the peaceful sense of accepting death and the role that being surrounded by nature in the beaufiful desert played

- the ultimate utopia she felt on being rescued, and how that sent her into shock

Ultimately, Claire shared with us that it all came down to fear and connection. How she had fear in all the wrong places in her life, and how her connection with others proved most special.

The crescendo of thanks in the chat at the end was unprecedented, so is included here in tribute to Claire and her brave and uplifting story:

From Fay Tennet : Sorry, I've got to go - wonderful to hear you talk Claire. Thank you.

From Celia Meadley : Wow! You are some gal?

From Gemma McLean : You’re so inspiring, Claire! Thank you for writing this incredible book and sharing your story. It’s really resonated.

From Dawn Bennett : Soooo good! Wow!

From James Hallworth : What a grand lass! Thankyou for being so open, your tale must be helping loads of folk out there!

From Sian Hoskins : It was an amazing book, so well written. I really felt like I was there with you.

From Rebecca Kaye : Amazing book and really great to hearing you both chat tonight.

From Julia : You are an amazing woman and your humility is inspiring. Thank you.

From Helen Speirs : Claire, I too couldn't put your book down and found so many relatable moments in it. Thanks for writing it and for coming to talk to us tonight (and thanks Tim for organising!)

From Hailey Maloney : the book was stunning, you’re an amazing writer, thank you x

From Dawn Bennett : I’m telling everyone to read your story - so courageous

From David : Thanks for answering Claire. Fantastic to hear your response and also to have read your story. All the very best

From laurie king : Thank you Claire, amazing book. Thank you Tim for the connection.

From Jessica Dowding : Brilliant book, loved it….and really enjoyed listening to this tonight

From James Hallworth : Less fear, more connection!

From Peter Ball : Excellent. thank you.

From Sara Conkling : Thank You

From Dawn Bennett : Thank you so much Claire

From Amanda : Thanks so much for sharing and helping me reconsider the important things in life!

From Dawn Bennett : Thank you Tim

From elizabeth oliver : Amazing Claire- thank you so much!!!

From Helen C : Absolutely incredible, thank you

From Diane Hartman : Thank you.

From stephen corbishley : A fantastic read and a brilliant evening.Thanks Claire and Tim

From Kathryn Grace : Thank you!!!

From Sian Hoskins : I love your book talks!

From Karen Brine : thank you

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