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Lucy Jones - Losing Eden - March 2021

Lucy Jones - Losing Eden - March 2021

With Lucy about to bring a new life into the world, Tim caught up with her on her final day before maternity leave, in a rare pre-recorded interview.

Lucy revealed how her own experience of finding solace in nature whilst dealing with bouts of depression and anxiety, led her to dig deep into the science behind the connection to create her fascinating book.

They discussed:

  • How the 'extinction of experience' that Lucy writes about is visible in both their families
  • The renaissance of Druidery
  • Developing a more reciprocal relationship with nature, not just taking all the time
  • Why we are more generous when we've been 'awed' by nature
  • The fascinating miniature worlds of sporophytes
  • How Lucy took inspiration from Rachel Carson's Silent Spring in structuring and writing Losing Eden
  • Her most and least favourite natural words
  • How Covid shows we need a new relationship with nature

Ending on a positive note, Lucy reflected on the upwelling interest in immersing our children and young people in the natural world through the growth of the Forest Schools movement.

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