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Solo (almost) live with Jenny Tough & Jo Moseley

Solo (almost) live with Jenny Tough & Jo Moseley

A heartwarming, inspiring, and surprisingly emotional conversation with guest curator Jo Moseley and Jenny Tough, author of the book she chose for us to read in October, Solo.

The words of wisdom started right away "There are many different ways of being tough" as Jo and Jenny really got to the heart of putting yourself out there as a female adventurer.

We heard how adventures should be creative, not competitive. How going solo makes you vulnerable in a good way, as you're more approachable, revealing that the world is full of more good than bad.

We discussed how to move beyond limiting factors holding us back. And, how to be stoic in a good way "Never don't do the crying". So of course, we ended on an emotional high.

During October you can still get a copy of Solo for free, when you start a new subscription with us.

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