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Tessa Lyons - climber and award winning outdoor illustrator

Tessa Lyons - climber and award winning outdoor illustrator

Our founder and curator, Tim, introduces the featured artists in Brocken Spectre One.


Unlike the other artists contributing to Brocken Spectre One, Tessa Lyons’ work actually features in November’s Ink: Waymaking.

And not just singly. The print ‘Women who run with Wolves’ is one of four or Tessa’s artworks that introduce each chapter in the book.

'Norway' chapter heading for the 'Water' Chapter in Waymaking

Such comprehensive coverage is no surprise, as Tessa is thoroughly steeped in the world of climbing and adventure.

Her passion and experience as a climber finding a creative outlet through artworks which have won her the prestigious Banff Mountain Festival Fleck Fellowship Award, and work with a plethora of mountaineering and adventure companies.

Living in the Carneddi mountains of North Wales, Tessa enjoys dividing her time between drawing and spending time in the hills.

Tessa climbing in Wales

Since graduating from University of Brighton in 2011 with a Highly Commended Award, Tessa has exhibited her highly distinctive work throughout the UK, with her pieces finding homes in private collections across the globe.

This piece, Women who run with Wolves, takes a slight tangent from her usual muse of the mountains, to reflect on the expectations of women and their archetypes. Is there something different about women who run with a more adventurous pack than her high heeled peers?

Join us to discuss this, and how her work is informed by the outdoors, in conversation live with Tessa, for the launch of Brocken Spectre One on Friday 27th November.

Purchase Tessa’s print ‘Women who run with Wolves’.

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