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'A Sand County Almanac' chosen by Miscellaneous Adventures

'A Sand County Almanac' chosen by Miscellaneous Adventures

Andrew and Emma Groves, aka Miscellaneous Adventures, were a huge inspiration when getting started in business. It's an honour to have them as our first guest curators with an iconic book choice; Aldo Leopold's A Sand County Almanac.

"Still strikingly relevant and we think has much to offer for anyone interested in the great outdoors."

Part nature diary, part social commentary and part conservation doctrine, this seminal work first published in 1949 has inspired countless contemporary nature writers and conservationists, including the couple themselves:

"Leopold’s simple yet beautiful writing invites us to study the details in nature, to be curious about the landscape and to ponder the behaviour of wild creatures"

One of the most influential books about the natural world, A Sand County Almanac changed perceptions of the natural world and helped give birth to the modern conservation movement.

"His vision of a land-based code of ethics that sees the soil, rivers, plants and animals as well as humans all functioning as one community has sadly yet to be realised but is an idea still well worth striving for.

To help Andrew and Emma introduce more people to this pioneering book, we've given them a bundle of copies to share with their community. And we're paying them everytime you get a copy, how great is that?!

We figure this is a much more beneficial way of spreading the word by supporting good folk, rather than sponsoring ads on social media like we used to do.

So welcome to the club! Do get involved via the links below and stick around, we're here to do good stuff in every way we can.

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