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The book with an adventurous spirit to match it's author

The book with an adventurous spirit to match it's author

I loved that little stick right until it failed me catastrophically.

On a previous jaunt to photograph one of our books, I managed to lose the bendable, rubbery phone holder gizmo that I had previously used to prop books in position.

Not a problem, I thought, nature will provide. So, furnishing myself with a Y-shaped stick from the woods, I set out to find the perfect spot to shoot Jenny Tough's Solo.

Lacking a close approximation for the Karakoram or the Canadian Rockies in my local neck of the woods, I headed instead to my local park, which is fringed with some gentle wilds. I felt sure I could find a decent spot for a shot here. Maybe with some mushrooms?

Alas, the resulting image looked more like a walk in the park than an adventure-packed race across the high points of six continents.

So I pressed on.

Tracing a disused route around a quiet dell, a faint line of stairs led to a rough plank bridge over a gentle stream. It may not have been the Mackenzie River, but it was lush and well-lit. This was the shot!

Setting out my kit, I used the Y-stick to prop my copy of Solo in position and hopped down the other side of the bridge so I was low enough to photograph it from the floor.

But, to my dismay, the stick gave way as I got into position and the book flipped backwards, seemingly straight into the creek!

I hauled myself dejectedly back up, only to discover that the book's ferny backdrop had broken its fall, leaving it perched somewhat perilously above the stream, perfectly framed by the lush greenery.

I knew in an instant that this was one of those moments when the planets align and the universe grants you a free pass. Granted, it's not quite up there with being saved from a near-death experience and put up for the night by a family of Kyrgyish shepherds.

But, clearly, this shot was meant to be, and turned out to be a huge improvement on my planned framing.

Even Jenny's book had an adventurous spirit!

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