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Jenny Tough's 'Solo' chosen by Jo Moseley

Jenny Tough's 'Solo' chosen by Jo Moseley

Jo Moseley is a bestselling author, podcaster, speaker and award winning short film maker.

A writer and adventurer herself Jo is supremely qualified to choose a book to inspire us all, she has chosen the incredible Solo by the legendary Jenny Tough.

"The themes Jenny writes about are ones we can all relate to and learn from; body image, the kindness of strangers, cheerleading her dreams, finding her brave and chasing her goals anyway, despite being constantly told that she couldn't, sometimes shouldn't, accomplish them"

Jenny’s book is an incredible story of self-discovery across six continents, as she runs solo and unsupported across some of the world's most inhospitable mountain ranges.

More than a story of incredible endurance, however, Solo shares Jenny's personal quest to come to terms wth feelings and emotions that had previously held her back.

It's a book that is certain to inspire just as much as it entertains. As Jo says:

"Jenny has always been an inspiration to me since first seeing her onstage at the Kendal Mountain Festival. It's an honour to share this wonderful book."

To help Jo spread the inspiration far and wide, we've given her a stack of copies to share with her community, and we're bringing Jo & Jenny together live in conversation at the end of October to discuss just it means to adventure in the modern age.

Get your free copy of Solo and join us at the end of the month, via the links below.

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